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And just like that, the summer is gone and the leaves are turning, the clocks are going back and the nights are drawing in....

In other, less poetic news, Tamara is moving house.... and relocating all the way to the beautiful North Yorkshire.... God's own Country

Which does, of course mean that coaching is going to look a little different for a while, at least until she can find which box her swim kit is in! Thereafter there will be some semi organised down time whilst Tamara looks into the safest and nicest places to get in the water in her new surroundings!

Exciting times ahead for sure! In the meantime, watch this space and keep your eyes peeled for a Southerner faffing at length by the waterside trying to convince herself it's no colder than it was down south now that she's venturing into the chillier climes of the North ....  apologies now for any less than ladylike utterances that may fall out of my mouth as I wade in!

JULY 2023
Oh my..... It seems I haven't updated our NEWS page for quite some time!
I'm so sorry... life has been a little chaotic of late and my 'other' job is eating into my time a bit more than I would like.... 

So… the beautiful pool at Milton Road is closed now for the start of a major refurbishment programme…. The first phase is due to take 12-18months though most people are suspecting it will be at least 2y till the centre opens it’s doors again. It’s great news for Milton Road and it’s been such a long time coming that I’m really pleased that it is going ahead at last, I can’t wait to see it when it’s done!

Of course, there is a ‘but’….. and a fairly large one for me and my little group of clients and would-be clients. At the time of writing I have sadly not been able to secure an alternative indoor venue to coach from. Fairly disastrous to be honest but hey, things don’t always go the way you think they will! So, if you’re reading this and by some random chance you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who has a pool that they might consider hiring out for some coaching sessions…. Please do get in touch!

Lake sessions are ongoing and the water temp this year has already been more than inviting, reaching and surpassing 20 degrees earlier this month thanks to all the sunshine we had back in June… It’s a little cooler now with the recent change in the weather but still hugely inviting so… what are you waiting for?!!?

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